A must for people looking for a new job

So, you have years of experience, have been laid off, or are looking for a better job. Our service is a marketing platform that enables 1000’s of organizations to view your profile directly through the eyes of HR Managers and various Recruiters. In this market, the challenge is to find companies who are hiring. Our goal is to get you in front and be considered for those positions. Getting in front of the hiring manager first and fast is the key to opening the door to new employers.

Do you think marketing yourself aggressively in this economic state would be a sound decision? As a job seeker, do you think sending out 1000 or 2000 applications to companies in your industry or field of work by the end of this week will increase the your chances of getting employment?

YES and we can prove it.

The key to searching for the right job is understanding how to open new doors for yourself and how to get access to that “Hidden” market. A large percentage (some say up to 90%) of opportunities are not posted. A very small proportion of companies spend money with recruiters or job boards, and most rely on word of mouth or internal and direct applications

Our approach allows us to apply directly to hiring managers in various mid-sized to large organizations on your behalf. We apply directly to complete Job Sectors and Industries who would appreciate your experience.

Job boards/sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. are great tools for people who have specific experience. Most agencies and recruiters who post jobs on these sites are looking for specific people with the right experience to match their clients’ needs. Many job seekers do not realize that most companies do not advertise on these job boards, they hire internally or through word of mouth. So even if you were checking job boards daily, you are only accessing less than 10% of the jobs out there.


Now with thousands of satisfied job seekers. Weapply4u.com has become a must for job seekers in North American and Europe. Whether you are transitioning between jobs, changing careers, relocating from another place or country, just got laid off, or need to get out of a particular industry. WeApply4U can help. We help people in dozens of sectors, industries and countries get noticed fast by opening new doors and creating new opportunities.


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