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Q: What is an automated job search company?

A: An automated job search company is a platform that uses technology to streamline the job search process for job seekers. It uses algorithms to match job seekers with job opportunities based on their skills, experience, and preferences.

Q: How does it work?

A: You purchase a product on the platform and upload your resume. The platform uses this information to auto match and apply for jobs for you that fit your profile.

Q: Is using an automated job search company better than traditional job search methods?

A: It can be, as it saves time and effort by automatically matching you with job opportunities that fit your profile. It also allows you to receive job alerts and updates on your applications, so you can stay organized and informed throughout the job search process.

Q: Do I need to have specific skills or experience to use an automated job search company?

A: No, anyone can use an automated job search company, regardless of their skills or experience. However, having a well-rounded profile and resume can increase your chances of being matched with job opportunities.

Q. What happens after you apply for me?

A. You will typically begin to see activity in the joint email account. Be sure to answer every call during the period during and up to 1 month after the end of your SurplusJob Search Service time period. It is your responsibility to respond to Employers after contract. If contacted by an employer and are given an interview date. Kindly select a date that gives our team 2 business days to allow for interview prep material if you purchased that option.

Q. Can I request a list of companies you have contacted on my behalf?

We do not divulge the complete list of businesses to which we have applied. For your privacy, we erase it, so you won’t be able to see the firms in your new email’s send menu. The amount of responses received from employers is a small fraction of the barrage of data sent out.

Q: Is it free to use an automated job search company?

Surplusjob.com charges a fee for access to premium features. It’s best to check the pricing and services offered on our homepage and custom service page for the items you are interested in.

Q: How can I ensure my information is secure when using an automated job search company?

A: Most automated job search companies have security measures in place to protect your personal and professional information. It’s always a good idea to read the platform’s privacy policy and terms of use before creating an account. At Surplusjob.com your privacy is of upmost importance. Our industry partners adhere to strict privacy guidelines and chain of ownership over all data.

Data Deletion: We will routinely delete any data that is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, including data that is outdated or no longer relevant.

Exceptions: In some cases, we may need to retain certain data for legal or regulatory purposes. In these instances, the data will be securely stored and protected until it can be deleted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Q: Can I apply to multiple jobs at once using an automated job search company?

A: Yes, you can apply to multiple jobs at once using Surplusjob search service. The platform uses algorithms to match you with job opportunities based on your skills, experience, and preferences. It may also take into account your location and desired salary range.