Helping Employees

How do we help your Employee?

What we do in several days would take an employee 6 months full time to do. (Applying to over 1000 companies, applying to 100’s of agencies, filling out dozens of job applications). In these tough economic times it is getting very hard to find employers hiring people. We go around the system and apply to the right companies that would appreciate their experience and education.

What we offer to an employee is:

  • We will give you access to 30 different industries and over 700,000 companies in North America that we can apply to and help you find a job
  • We will also instantly register them to about 20 major employment sites and send your resume to hundreds of employment agencies that can help
  • After we help them with their resume and cover letter we apply to 1000’s of companies in their field. Our service includes access to over 700,000 North American companies
  • Most employees do not have access to fax machines and typically have not used employment websites or have access to Industry directory that can cost thousands of hours to put together and then thousands more just to apply to.

Business Solutions

Solutions for Laid Off Employees

WeApply4U business solutions offer an exclusive service that provides a quick transition of employment that benefit employers and employees. We help find your employees new jobs by marketing them to thousands of companies in their field of work.

Different economic environment

Times have changed with the rise of the technological era. Job searches occur online and boomers need to look outside of their existing industries due to the current economic environment. Also, baby boomers are lacking updated tools and knowledge on how to approach a job search. We focus searches in adjacent industries where their background and experience would be appreciated.

How are we different than other services?

Everyone asks us this questions and it’s the most important one. Most businesses use agencies when laying people off. However,these agencies only help in resume writing or basic services. How are we different? We are not an employment agency, but a marketing company that helps apply for your employees and looks for jobs in their field. Typically employment agencies cannot help too many of your employees. They can only look at the open job orders they have and they only look for candidates that their client need. We approach 1000’s of companies with our INDUSTRYFOCUS™ software and introduce your employees to thousands of companies in their field of expertise instantly. We have over 700,000 companies in our database and we can focus their application to them directly.

For example, you are a plastics company that has to downsize 10-15 people. We would apply to over 2,000 plastics/automotive/aerospace companies. We would inform their HR department that such experienced people were available by applying directly for opening at those companies. What do you think? Do you agree that AT LEAST ONE company would be interested in their experience and skills? The answer 100% of the time is YES. That is why we succeed.

Value Preposition

When companies downsize, the key focus is to help their employees settle down in this difficult time to transition. A lot of the employees have been part of their success but employers have few avenues on helping them.

Weapply4U business solutions works with companies by immediately using the experience and background these employees have and applying to thousands of companies in their industry of choice. Within days, we are able to open thousands of new doors and opportunities for your employees and bring them new job opportunities so they can have a seamless transition.


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